The Expressive Art and Illustration of Sami Suomalainen

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'Conversation On The Beach' Oils on panel / 12" x 16" / in the collection of the artist. "Two children are talking on the beach.They have wheels for legs, stripey cylinders for bodies, rubber toothpaste for arms and funnels for mouths. Who said there are no such kids? -- Of course there were not. But now there are, right here, see for yourself!!"

Regrettably, as of Septemeber 2019, Sami (Samiarto) Suomalainen, suddenly and unexpectedly, passed away--grieving the loss of his wife just a few months before.

The World lost a talented Fine Artist, a Portrait Painter, a Book Illustrator, and an Advertising Illustrator who created with wonderful free sense of Originality. Most regrettably, I also lost a long-time friend I've worked with for over 30+ years, and a dear client.

In memory of Sami, I have taken it upon myself to keep some of his artistic light alive by continuing to host his website as a memory of his work to those who knew him.

Naturally, some of the text within it has been changed to reflect the current situation, but in essence, this was the last website I created for my client and friend. It was revised in January 2019 to coincide with two gallery showings he was having.

-Christopher Läspä
Creative Director / Principal
999 Art Direction
Toronto, Canada

Gallery Showings & Events:
Lobster Press:
Sami is proud to announce the Spring '07 release of a refreshing interpretation of the famous Wordsworth poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" for Lobster Press.
__Slated to be released internationally later this year, Sami's eye-opening imagination brings to life this well-loved poem in the form of a fully illustrated, hard cover book that is sure to become a keepsake.
__This book will be available at Indigo in Canada and at better book stores everywhere.
To see a larger view and some amazing inside spreads, click here.

Groundwood Books:
Sami is proud to announce the second in a series of two children's book covers for Groundwood Books, here in Toronto.
__"After Sylvia" is the sequel to the award winning novel "The Secret Life of Owen Skye" by Alan Cumyn.
__Ask for it at better book stores everywhere.
To see a larger view, click here.

TV Ontario:
Sami is proud to announce he has recently been chosen by TVO to illustrate two in an ongoing series of books, which relate to the popular programing TVO is famous for.
__The first, titled "Creativity", is an

TV Ontario cont'd:
aid to the self-improvement genre of programming at TVO.
__The second is a children's song book with over 30 songs, each with its own illustration.
__More details and samples to follow upon publication!

Northern European Xpress:
During the past year now, Sami has provided the policital/social cartoons for the Northern European Xpress -- an English language weekly newspaper serving the Scandanavian community.
To see a couple of samples, click here.

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Sami Suomalainen was born in Tuupovaara, Finland. He won his first art competition at age four, the prize awarded by Fazer Company. After completing his art education in Helsinki, Finland, Sami came to Canada. Ever since then, he has been working full time as a freelance artist. 

His work includes commissions for portraits, landscapes, and book illustrations. He has illustrated numerous books for children that are sold worldwide in all major languages including Chinese.

The artist's style is impressionistic and several mediums are employed ranging from pen and ink to oils, watercolours and acrylics.

Documentary films about the artist have been made by the Finnish National Television and Radio Association in Helsinki, Rogers Cable Television in co-operation with the Canadian Multicultural Program in Toronto, and the National Broadcasting of Finland.

Numerous collections in North America, Europe, and Scandinavia have his paintings, including the Canadian Art Archives in Ottawa. Govenor General of Canada and President of Finland are also proud owners of Sami's art.

To see a few examples from Sami's many expressionistic styles, click on the categories at the left. Experience and discover for yourself what others have been talking about . . . the expressive art of Sami Suomalainen.

Please Note: All the artwork shown is either copyrighted, or the property of the Estate of Sami Soumalainen and may not be used without written permission.